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Employers of Poland are the oldest, the largest and the most representative organisation of employers in Poland. They have accompanied Polish political and economic transformation from the very beginning, since 1989, by representing interests of entrepreneurs of all sectors and businesses. The Confederation forms an association of entrepreneurs of over 7 500 companies. They employ about 4 million employees; it is the greatest number of all organisations which associate Polish employers. Employers of Poland are a partner of social dialogue, a participant of Trilateral Commission for Social and Economic Affairs and a co-originator of independent dialogue.

Everything that keeps Polish employers awake; lack of stable and clear rules of running an economic activity, constantly changing regulations, politicised economy, lawlessness of public service, too many burdens which discourage employers from hiring new workers. This is what Employers of Poland want to change by:

  • responsible representation of employers' interests towards parliament, government, civil service authorities and local authorities of all levels as well as social partners,
  • co-creating regulations which will not hinder economic development and which will evoke entrepreneurs' initiative,
  • standing up for broadening economic freedom, demanding a guarantee of freedom of conducting economic activity,
  • creating autonomous and trilateral dialogue aimed at solving the most difficult Polish problems at a mutual table of negotiations,
  • convincing our partners that Polish people need free vacancies and not protection, at all costs, of existing ones.

Employers of Poland are present in all places where something essential for economy and employers is happening: during seym and senate commissions sessions, in ministerial chambers and trilateral business teams, we participate in decision-making and advisory processes of variuos fora and committees which control and monitor union funds. Participation in Trilateral Commission for Social and Economic Affairs gives us a possibility to speak for and decide jointly about the most important issues. Employers of Poland participate in solving local problems nationwide; their representatives are present in Regional Commissions for Social Dialogue and in the Employment Council. Employers of Poland are present in several dozen public life institutions. They organise conferences and training courses, seminars and meetings with chief persons of economic and public life.

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