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The EU Climate and Energy Policy

The Polish Economic Congress Foundation organized the Conference on the European Union Climate and Energy Policy – opportunities and challenges for the Polish Economy. The event was held in the Chancellery of the Polish Parliament in Warsaw on 28th June 2013. 

The conference was aimed at bringing a broader perspective on issues related to climate policy which had been already outlined during the Economic Congress – the Energy of the Polish Economy.

In his opening speech Waldemar Pawlak, the President of the Polish Economic Congress Foundation, underscored how important it is to not consider the climate policy just as a source of high costs and fees but primarily to appreciate its positive effect, i.e. the modernization and development of economy and, in consequence, job creation.

The conference was addressed to experts, entrepreneurs, the media as well as to politicians associated with the energy industry.

Mr Pawlak concluded the meeting and once again expressed his opinion on the climate policy which in the broader perspective requires a global arrangement and, for the time being, there is a need to put emphasis on promoting the energy efficiency which boosts competitiveness of both Poland and Europe.