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Invest in China by PECF

Invest in China2014, is the new project co-organized by the Polish Economic Congress Foundation (PECF), that aims at strengthening economic cooperation between People's Republic of China and Republic of Poland. The meeting was organized under honorable patronage and in presence of his Excellency Xu Jian, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Poland. Professor Yu Jin, Managing Director of China RegionDevelopment & Reform Institute and PECF’s President, Deputy Prime MinisterWaldemar Pawlak emphasized importance of NGOs in the bilateral relations and declared support for creation of the Polish-Chinese Investment Bank.

Investin China was launched on October 27th by an international conference heldin Warsaw. The event was a uniqueplatformfor discussion on Polish-Chinese economic cooperation, success factorsand the future ofthe Chinese market.It was attended byover 250people.We were glad to host leaders ofthe Sino-Polish bilateral cooperation-banking and financial sector, telecommunications, IT andconstruction - companies engaged inthe import and exportgoodsto and fromChina,entrepreneurs andinvestors interestedin the Chinese market, as well as high-rank representatives of the Polish Governmentand government agencies. The conference accommodated four discussion panels dedicated to key areas of Polish-Chinese cooperation in business: Digitizationas an importantdirection of development ofPolish-Chinese cooperation, success factors, legal andfinancial aspects ofcooperationand relatedchallengesinlogistics, freight forwarding,  and transportation. "The Chinese appreciate the quality of many Polish products, especially food. Poland is a country that has good experience in the production of healthy food and its processing.I hopet o build a stable and long-term relations with China in this area" -said WaldemarPawlak.

As pointed out bySławomir Majman, President of the Polish Informationand Foreign Investment Agency, the crisis has shown that Poland also needs investors outside of US and Europe. He also pointed statistics on shares of Chinese investmen tin Europe, that stopped at  2.2 percent only. Polish export has the greatest chance of success in food processing, food itself, equipment and mining technology, equipment and technology to improve the functioning of large cities. Poland is very important partner for China,a ccording to ProfessorYu Jin, Executive Director of the China Region Development &Reform Institute. Poland was one of the very first countries that established formal diplomatic relations with China, and this year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries. He drew attention totourism and culture, as an area in which we shall work on cooperation increase. Invest in China Conference 2014 was organized by the Polish-Chinese Business Council, Polish Economic Congress Foundation, PolishAgency for Informationand Foreign Investment and Huawei.


For more information please visit us on: www.investinchina.pl