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Local Governments Investment Forum

The Polish Economic Congress Foundation is a co-organizer of a series of regional conferences on promoting good, innovative practices carried out by local governments for the benefit of social and economic development of local communities as well as their current activity.

The conferences are organized in order to popularize local governments’ innovative actions which, apart from fulfilling their duties, work to promote and encourage development of the local community. 

The conferences were held in six cities: Toruń, Żyrardów, Łowicz, Sokółka, Wałbrzych and Ostróda. During these events innovative solutions are discussed, among others: financing the development of utilities and civic energy sectors, programs supporting the development of Renewable Energy Sources in the new EU financing perspective. There are also various forms of support for the local governments’ actions that are being presented as well as the influence that the local governments’ innovativeness has on the development of both the local entrepreneurship and labor market.

For information on the currently held conferences see: http://forum-rozwoju.pl/

Photos and text courtesy of the Development Forum Foundation.