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Polish Economic Congress

Entrepreneurs initiate a discussion about the future of the Polish energy sector

Polish Economic Congress 2013 organized by the Employers of Poland – the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, was the guest of honour at the congress – ended up. The result of the two-day event is the set of recommendations developed during the debates.

The main message coming from the debates of the Congress is that it’s necessary not only to respond to the EU officials’ decisions, but above all to create what will be happening in Europe.

From the conclusions that result from the panel discussions on nuclear energy it appears that the nuclear program is a strategic decision of civilization of the Polish government. In order to realize this project, it must turn out to be an attractive economic-financial offer for Polish investors. Not only must this offer be attractive, but also predictable - the sub-sector of power industry is in fact burdened with a high political risk. Investors need a confirmation of the government's determination as to establish the direction of the nuclear energy development and to ensure economic predictability of the multi-billion dollar project.

Low-carbon power industry is not incompatible with a low-carbon economy – that is another conclusion of the participants of the Congress. Polish entrepreneurs are waiting for the solutions that support investments. Without any legal or organizational framework, however, there will be no investment not only in nuclear power but also in renewable energy sources.

The Congress participants emphasized that the common climate policy was not bad, but subject to agreement on this issue by all the EU members.

The entrepreneurs discussing the problems of investment almost unanimously pointed to the fact that there is no clear separation of time for discussion and consultation from the time of the implementation of the project. In their opinion, it is easy to undermine original plans today and stop the construction that has already begun.

The Congress participants pointed to the need for a clear formulation of power industry policy, establishing a new strategy for the mining industry and identifying the role of this sector in the economy of Poland, with particular emphasis on the tools through which our mining industry can compete on the EU arena (it’s about among others the liberalization of the law).

During the Congress it was also settled that there was a need to look at issues concerning the public procurement. It's not so much a matter of change in the law in this field, as of the incompetent way of being acquainted with the legal space by representatives of the administration. The panellists offered to draft a document showing examples of good practices between the state and the entrepreneur.