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Renewable Energy for Poland

The conference Renewable Energy for Poland, organized by the Polish Economic Congress Foundation, took place on 23rd July in the Polish Parliament.

The conference was a continuation of the debate, launched during the Polish Economic Congress, organized in April 2013, along with the Employers of Poland.

The aim of the conference was to present the current work of the government and other institutions involved in the renewable energy sector and to develop recommendations for the industry regarding the current situation on the renewable energy market.

Renewable energy is a great opportunity for economic development and new jobs creation, it is also an alternative to expensive imported energy. It is important not to  focus on one selected technology but to build a sustainable structure of renewable energy sources in Poland, said Waldemar Pawlak, President of the Polish Economic Congress Foundation.

 The conference was addressed to the representatives of business, government, journalists and experts related to the renewable energy sector.

 The conference was attended by: Waldemar Pawlak, President of the Polish Economic Congress Foundation, Jerzy Pietrewicz, Deputy Minister of Economy, Beata Jaczewska, Deputy Minister of Environment, Mariusz Klimczak, President of the BOS Bank, Andrzej Czerwinski, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Energy, Cezary Szwed, Member of the board, PSE SA., Zygmunt Gzyra, President of the National Chamber of Biofuels, Maciej Stryjecki, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Energy, Kamil Baj, manager Ernst & Young.

 Jerzy Pietrewicz, Deputy Minister of Economy presented the main points of the new law on renewable energy sources, which aims to fulfill obligations from the UE energy and climate policy, optimize the support system, and organize and simplify the existing rules.

The lecturers in their speeches highlighted the benefits, combined with the development of renewable energy, which include in particular: protection of the environment, development of industrial innovation, diversification of  energy sources, increasing energy security, reducing dependence on imported fuels and new jobs creation.

However, to make the renewable energy market competitive in transition, it needs support. Key features of a good regulatory environment are: flexibility, predictability, efficiency, security and justice.

The meeting concluded Waldemar Pawlak during the press conference. He stressed that renewable energy is a great opportunity for Poland, so it is important to popularize and develop these technologies in our country.